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Finished: Lothaire by Kresley Cole

Lothaire (Immortals After Dark, #12) - Kresley Cole

I finished this book a few days ago but because of work I am only now able to write about it. I’ve been following Kresley Cole’s work on the Immortals After Dark series since my early college days and with every mention of the titular character, Lothaire, I grew more and more curious of him and I often wondered when Cole would write his story. For those who know me well enough you’ll be able to picture my absolute joy when I finally got my hands on a copy.


It took me a while to get to reading it. I was previously engaged in reading George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, so Lothaire was stuck in my reading list limbo. When I did manage to start reading it, I found it really hard to put it down and loathe anything that would keep from reading. But of course I had other things to accomplish so I had to squeeze reading breaks in between work and responsibilities at home.


The book tells the story of the Enemy of Old, Lothaire. A master at manipulation and deceit, Lothaire has been seeking revenge against those who have wronged him, plotting to take over the Horde and the Daci (two factions of vampires within the series). He seems to have found the key to realizing his vendetta in Saroya, vampire goddess and his Bride, but with one dilemma – Ellie Pierce, Saroya’s mortal host.


In reading the series, I’ve wondered who Lothaire’s fated Bride would be. I’ve guessed that it would be a number of female characters mentioned in the series but the conundrum that was Ellie and Saroya was actually more than I expected.


I like Ellie. Her nerves of steel and her strong-headedness made her a character to admire. I liked that she never backed down from Lothaire and that even if she had so much to take in with the new world of immortals she was thrust into, she kept an open mind and held her own. Even in the face of death, she was determined not to go down without a fight. She took the fact that people underestimated her and made it into her advantage which kept Lothaire reeling and I think that’s what made Lothaire fall for her despite his blindness to the truth of his Bride and despite his need for revenge.


Lothaire is a ruthless male but I liked how the book showed more than that. He was a vampire who, as a boy, was forced to bear the demise of his mother while unable to do anything to save her. He has been forsaken by his father and betrayed many times. In order to become more powerful and exact his revenge, he willingly spiraled downward to the gaping mouth of insanity. It was enlightening to finally know what made Lothaire tick and why he does what he does.


Let’s talk about Nix now. First of all, I was really excited to read about the valkyrie’s relationship with Lothaire. It was truly unexpected but I adored it. The book was particularly illuminating on how big a role Nix and her soothsaying plays in the grand scheme of the series. As I had done with Lothaire, I am just clamoring for even a sliver of detail as to who Nix will end up with. When will her book come out and will it be soon, Kresley Cole? Until then I will be waiting with bated breath.


This book is by far Cole’s more sensual (sexual) work. Love scenes depicted were on the really steamy side which I thought was appropriate for a character like Lothaire. It would only make sense that sex with this vampire would be raw and animalistic with some (a lot) of biting.


I’m very interested in reading more about Lothaire’s relatives, the Dacians, and what role he and Ellie will play in their stories. I know that one book from the Dacian’s spin-off series has already come out but I haven’t managed to get a hold of a copy. This one called Shadow’s Claim and it’s the story of Trehan Daciano and I will be remedying my lack of the book soon enough.


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